Thursday, July 22, 2010

World Expo, Part I

So, first day at the Expo was a lot of fun! As we walked into the Asian section, we saw the China Pavilion. Even in the late afternoon there were lines and lines of people waiting to get in.

We saw this interesting sculpture on our way in.

Since we didn't want to wait in line for eight hours to see the China Pavilion, we toured the nearby Chinese Provinces Pavilion. This was a huge building with a display room for each of China's provinces and special administrative areas. Each province proudly presented its unique culture and history with a creative performances, models, and interactive displays. Since the place was so large there were barely any lines.

Then we explored some of the "smaller" countries' pavilions in the Asia Square which did not have too many crowds. Inside each pavilion are displays and exhibitions which present the country's unique characteristics and culture. Some of them also have gift shops. Here's Iran.





I'm really glad we went at night because it is gorgeous with all the lights!

Here are some of the more popular pavilions that we did not have a hope of getting into without waiting in line for hours. It was still nice to look at them from the outside though - the architecture is so amazing.

Here's UAE.

South Korea.

I'm not sure if Qatar had a line or not but we passed it on the way out and realized we hadn't seen it!

Oh well, there was no way we could have seen everything. It would have taken at least a week - and this was just for the Asia Square!

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