Sunday, July 25, 2010

Shanghai Nights

So after a tiring day at the Expo, we went out to a nice restaurant for dinner. This restaurant is unique in that when you order dishes off the menu, you pick out the fresh ingredients yourself. There were numerous types of produce on display for our choosing.

There was also plenty of fresh seafood. I find that most Chinese people scorn the idea of frozen seafood because there is always a large supply of live, freshly-caught seafood. If there isn't a river or ocean nearby, there are usually lakes to raise fish.

Then we went out to enjoy the beautiful Shanghai evening. We went to the riverside, which was lively and full of people relaxing and enjoying the view.

Across the river is where the old government buildings are located.

What would be a gorgeous night out by the river without some ice cream? Ice cream, especially western brands, is one of the more expensive goods here in China. For example, the Haagen-Dazs we went to might be considered a luxury brand.

There was riverside seating. Unlike the ice cream places in the states, there was also wait staff, real silverware, complimentary water with lemon slices, and a hefty price. One tiny scoop of ice cream cost 28 Yuan. While this might not be a ton when translated into dollars (it's around $4-5), consider that you can buy a cheap meal for under 10 Yuan.

Here we are, enjoying our expensive dessert happily. That's my nine-year-old cousin beside me, too busy enjoying her treat to pose.

What a view!

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