Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Four Views of Singapore from One Street Corner

Singapore has incredible architecture. I haven't seen one plain or boring building. Everything is either in the old-fashioned colonial style, the modern sleek skyscraper style, or some crazy feat of artistry that defies gravity. I noticed that when walking back from work yesterday, at the intersection by the City Hall MRT, there were four different styles of building. They could have been located in completely different sections of the city!

One corner of the street was this cute complex of shops and restaurants in a Spanish-style (?). There are palm trees lining the walk.

Then turn 90 degrees, and suddenly you are faced with a high-rise modern hotel.

Another quarter turn and you see one of Singapore's many famous malls, Raffles City.

Finally, on the last corner is the Raffles Hotel Arcade, which is in the British colonial style.

What these places have in common is the consumerism, despite the various facades. But just down the street is the Parliament building as well as a stunning white cathedral. Singapore has many faces.

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